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17+ Kryptonian Language Gif

17+ Kryptonian Language
. Kryptonian culture and its language (well, its writing, at least) have appeared in many different forms and places over the 75 years of superman's history. Nelson bridwell created an alphabet of 118 letters, kryptonese, from the squiggles.

Steam Workshop Kryptonian Language
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Homepage for font kryptonian language. Its inhabitants had built a society of logic, science, and technological advancements. The language appears in writing in the superman comics at first as random squiggles.

So for each symbol in the english alphabet there's a corresponding symbol in the kryptonian alphabet.

Kryptonian language ретвитнул(а) celeste shun. But lena couldn't help falling in love with kara, even when they would end up breaking their hearts. You get your name in the new kryptonian script, and a shield you can download and post on your own web site. Other sets by this creator.

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