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48+ King's Quest 4 Copy Protection

48+ King's Quest 4 Copy Protection. Should be legally irrelevant by now. Copy protection is used in king's quest games i, ii, iii, iv, v, and vi as a way to prevent theft and/or counterfeiting.

Copy Protection Sierra Gamers
Copy Protection Sierra Gamers from

Should be legally irrelevant by now. It's a html version of all released sierra copy protections, which you can view on your phone's browser. When asked for the master disk, hold down command and type 4givmeken, and then (without letting go of command) press return.

You play the role of king graham's daughter, rosella, where you have 24 hours to finish your quest.

Thumbs up to police quest and then space quest. Этот предмет несовместим с king's quest collection. King's quest was the very first animated graphical adventure game on the pc. At the copy protection screen in the beginning of the game, press alt + d.

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