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View Homestuck Generator Gif. This land's color scheme includes lavender, light blue, and periwinkle. I have seen an extreme lack of random homestuck character generators, so i decided to make one myself.

Fantroll Generator Perchance Org
Fantroll Generator Perchance Org from

All of the names in this generator are made up of 2 words that either start with a,c,g, or t. Land of roses and thorns (that sounds a little painful). Lusus generator (it's up to you to make it better though) typing quirk generator (although that one might be a bit difficult, and it's probably going to be just guidelines).

Unlike the traditional zodiac, this system takes into account certain features of your personality and perspective, rather than simply the day you were born.

So i'm just going to do some oc bio sheets for myself for a homestuck story later. A guide for fans of the web adventure. A simple canvas app (works best on pc screens)intended to create panel images similar to the ones in homestuck. Auto homestuck land godtier and handle generator.

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